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Great Scottish Speeches


Adam Smith (?)

Sir Alec Douglas-Home (speech urging a ‘no’ vote in the 1979 devolution referendum)

Alex Salmond (speech during 1992 Usher Hall debate on Scotland’s future)

Alex Salmond (speech on winning 2007 election)

Alick Buchanan-Smith (speech supporting devolution in 1976)

Andrew Carnegie (on wealth)

Arthur James Balfour (1910 speech on British foreign policy)

Billy Graham (sermon to 1955 rally at Ibrox Stadium)

Calgacus (‘Scotland free or a desert’)

Charles I (speech prior to his execution)

Charles Kennedy (speech at 2001 general election rally)

David Hume (?)

David Kirkwood (speech at 1917 Labour Party conference)

David Steel (‘rocky road’ leader’s speech in 1976)

Donald Dewar (speech at John Smith’s funeral)

Donald Dewar (moving second reading of Scotland Bill, 1998)

Donald Dewar (speech at opening of Scottish Parliament)

Duchess of Atholl (maiden speech in House of Commons)

Duke of Edinburgh (?)

Edward Heath (Declaration of Perth, 1968)

Edward Rosslyn Mitchell (speech opposing prayer book, 1928)

Florence Horsbrugh (1936 speech proposing the Debate on the Address, the first woman to do so)

Frederick Douglass (black American social reformer, 1843 speech in Dundee)

George Buchanan (1942 Commons speech)

George Cunningham (speech proposing amendment to 1979 devolution referendum)

George Galloway (opening statement to US Senate)

George MacLeod (1954 General Assembly speech opposing nuclear weapons)

George Reid (2003 Scottish Parliament speech opposing war in Iraq)

Gordon Brown (resignation speech, 2010)

H H Asquith (resignation speech as Liberal leader, Greenock, 1926)

H H Asquith (Paisley by-election speech, 1920)

Hamish Henderson (peace address, 1950)

Harry Hopkins (speech in Glasgow pledging US support during war)

Helen Crawfurd (speech during Glasgow rent strike, 1915)

Henry George (American political economist, 1884, Edinburgh)

Henry McLeish (resignation speech/speech supporting free personal care)

Holy Willie’s Prayer (Burns poem)

Hugh MacDiarmid (‘a political speech’, 1968)

Iain Gray (2010 Labour conference speech)

J M Barrie (‘Courage’ rectorial speech, 1922)

Jack McConnell (?)

James Connolly (speech in Dublin, 1914)

James Douglas-Hamilton (speech opposing Act of Settlement)

James Ramsay MacDonald (speech prior to becoming first Labour Prime Minister, 1924)

James Renwick (last speech, 1688)

James Wilson (High Court, 1820)

Jean Brodie (speech on being sacked)

Jenny Geddes (‘daur ye say Mass in my lug’)

Jim Sillars (House of Commons, 1988)

Jim Telfer (1997 ‘Everest’ speech)

Jimmy Reid (UCS ‘no bevvying’ speech)

Jimmy Reid (‘rat race’ Glasgow rectorial speech)

Jo Grimond (‘towards the sound of gunfire’ conference speech)

Jock Stein (Lisbon, 1967)

John Bannerman (maiden speech, House of Lords)

John Buchan (1932 Commons speech on Scottish Home Rule)

John Buchan (1927 maiden speech, House of Commons)

John Knox (1550 sermon)

John MacCormick (1950 Glasgow rectorial speech)

John Maclean (speech from the dock, 1916 or 1918)

John Major (‘save the union’ 1992)

John McAllion (speech against warrant sales?)

John P Mackintosh (speech on Scotland and Wales Bill, 1976)

John Reith (House of Lords speech opposing commercial television, 1952)

John Smith (1993 Commons speech on Queen’s Speech)

John Smith (final speech, 1994)

John Wheatley (1923 speech on Housing Bill)

Keir Hardie (1901 Commons speech on a ‘socialist commonwealth’)

Keir Hardie (1892 maiden speech in House of Commons)

Keith O’Brien (2004 speech to General Assembly)

Kenyon Wright (Scottish Constitutional Convention speech, ‘we say yes and we are the people’)

King Charles II (1650 apology to Scottish parliamentarians)

Lord Balmerino (1746 speech prior to execution)

Lord Belhaven (speech opposing union of England and Scotland, 1706)

Lord Birkenhead (1923 Glasgow rectorial speech, ‘glittering prizes’)

Lord Glencorse (1857 speech in defence of Madeleine Smith)

Lord Rosebery (tribute to Robert Burns)

Lord Rosebery (‘a clean slate’, 1901 Chesterfield speech)

Macbeth (‘is this a dagger which I see before me?’)

Malcolm Muggeridge (1968 speech resigning as Rector of Edinburgh University)

Malcolm Rifkind (1979 speech moving repeal of the Scotland Act)

Margaret Thatcher (1982 Scottish Tory conference speech during Falklands crisis)

Margaret Thatcher (1988 ‘Sermon on the Mound’)

Margo MacDonald (Holyrood speech proposing right to die)

Michael Davitt (1887 speech on land reform in Portree)

Mick McGahey (1985 speech after miners’ strike)

Mick McGahey (1968 STUC speech on devolution)

Mick McGahey (1963 STUC speech opposing Polaris)

Nelson Mandela (1993 speech in Glasgow)

Noel Skelton (on a ‘property-owning democracy’, 1925, House of Commons)

Norman Willis (1988 TUC speech on Ford Dundee debacle, ‘never again’)

Pastor Jack Glass (sermon)

Paul Henderson Scott (1989 Dundee rectorial speech)

Paul Robeson (1960 Glasgow May Day rally speech)

Pope John Paul II (speech to the young people of Scotland, Murrayfield, 1982)

R B Cunninghame-Graham (Speech at Bannockburn rally, 1930)

R F Mackenzie (1974 speech on sacking as headteacher at Summerhill School)

Renton (‘it’s crap being Scottish’ speech from Trainspotting)

Rev James Barr (1927 speech moving Home Rule Bill in House of Commons)

Rev James Whyte (sermon at memorial for victims of the Dunblane massacre)

Richard Hamilton (Sanquhar Declaration, 1680)

Richard Rumbold (1685 speech from the scaffold)

Robert Boothby (1954 speech advocating a commission on homosexuality)

Robert Colquhoun (sermon from Sunset Song)

Robert Louis Stevenson (1873 address to the Speculative Society)

Robert McIntyre (1945 maiden speech, House of Commons)

Robin Cook (resignation speech)

Robin Cook (1980 Commons speech moving amendment to Justice Bill to decriminalize homosexual acts in Scotland)

Robin Cook (1996 Commons speech on the Scott Report)

Russell Johnston (1976 speech on the ‘fundamentals of Liberalism’)

Sir Alex Ferguson (1999 European Cup final)

Sir Archibald Sinclair (1938 Commons speech opposing Munich Agreement)

Sir Compton Mackenzie (1932 Glasgow rectorial address)

Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman (1901 speech opposing Boer War)

Sir John Cope (Battle of Prestonpans, 1745)

Sir Walter Scott (defence of Scottish legal traditions, 1807)

Sorley MacLean (speech in honour of Hugh MacDiarmid, Langholm, 1985)

Tam Dalyell (1977, ‘the West Lothian Question’)

Thabo Mbeki (speech to Scottish Parliament)

Thomas Carlyle (1866 Edinburgh rectorial address)

Thomas Carlyle (‘great men’, 1840 speech)

Thomas Chalmers (1843 speech following Disruption)

Thomas Johnston (1943 speech on hydro-electricity)

Thomas Muir (at trial for sedition)

Tommy Sheridan (2000 Scottish Parliament speech proposing abolition of warrant sales)

Tommy Sheridan (2006 speech after winning case against News of the World)

Wendy Wood (1961 speech to General Assembly of the Church of Scotland)

William S Burroughs (speech to 1961 International Writers’ Conference in Edinburgh)

William Gladstone (1879 Midlothian speech)

William McIlvanney (1987 speech, ‘stands Scotland where it did?’)

Willie Gallacher (Debate on the Address, 1935)

Willie Ross (speech opposing Nationalism, STUC, 1968)

Winnie Ewing (1967 maiden speech)

Winston Churchill (1941 speech at Glasgow City Chambers)

Winston Churchill (1908 Dundee speech on ‘Liberalism and Socialism’)

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