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Inside Edinburgh: Discovering the Classic Interiors of Edinburgh

Inside Edinburgh
The Inside Story of Scotland’s Capital (Scotsman 29/9/2010)
In Inside Edinburgh, David Torrance takes us on a journey of discovery beyond the grand architectural facades of Scotland’s capital, revealing the often private interiors of Edinburgh’s most unique buildings.

In this brilliantly conceived and illuminating pictorial record of 100 of Edinburgh’s most fascinating period interiors, specially commissioned photographs by Steven Richmond capture the varied atmospheres of these venerable locations, from hotels, restaurants, shops, pubs, hospitals, and gentlemen’s clubs to town houses. Each photograph is accompanied by a short text which not only describes the key features of architectural and design interest, but also uncovers related historical anecdotes. Examples include the Beaux Arts interiors of St Andrew’s House and the tiled walls of the Cafe Royal bar. Intact interiors such as T J Walls opticians on Forrest Road and the Phoebe Anna Traquair-decorated Song School are also presented. Comprehensive information on buildings open to the public is included.

It is a compelling, luminous and beautiful record of Edinburgh’s grand interiors, from those that are open for all to see, to those that are seldom recognised.