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There has been much speculation of late as to the Prime Minister's view of the Scottish Conservative Party. There's an interesting take on this in a new book on the Conservatives, 'Back From The Brink', by the historian and journalist Peter Snowdon. He quotes (p247) from a conversation with George Bridges, now (I think) a UK Government special adviser, about attempts to engage with the Scottish party after David Cameron became leader:

"The organisation up there was completely ramshackle," recalls Bridges. "They didn't understand what we were trying to do at all, and I had absolutely no control up there as Director of Campaigns. It was a complete struggle, so they employed an extra person for us to liaise with, but it didn't make much of a difference."

That 'extra person' was presumably Michael Crow, my erstwhile STV colleague and former Director of Communications and Strategy for the Scottish Conservative Party. 

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